1 Oz Copper Bar (Varied Condition, Varied Design)

1 Oz Copper Bar (Varied Condition, Varied Design)

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In online metal investments and collections, copper is an exceptionally accessible option, distinguished by its affordability when juxtaposed with esteemed counterparts like gold, platinum, palladium, and even silver. For discerning investors and collectors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

Bar Highlights:

  • Packaging: Each bar is meticulously packaged, arriving either in a protective plastic sleeve or a shipping box, ensuring the preservation of its integrity during transit.

  • Condition Variability: The bars are presented in varied conditions, reflecting the diverse spectrum of production and handling circumstances. The assortment caters to various preferences, from pristine, brand-new specimens encased in original mint packaging to those bearing visible signs of wear and tear or production imperfections.

  • Origin Diversity: Sourced from reputable mints, these Copper Bars showcase various design elements on both the obverse and reverse faces, imbuing each piece with distinctive character and aesthetic appeal.

  • Metal Content: Each bar contains 1 AVDP ounce of .999 pure copper, adhering to industry standards for quality and purity.

  • Minted Ingot Presentation: These bars are predominantly fashioned as minted ingots, characterized by refined visual elements and precise geometric contours, enhancing their allure as tangible assets.

It's essential to recognize that while copper is traded through authorized dealers of precious metals, it predominantly functions as a commodity within the broader market framework.

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