1 Oz Copper Round (Varied Condition, Varied Design)

1 Oz Copper Round (Varied Condition, Varied Design)

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Copper rounds are a fundamental component within the spectrum of metal investment opportunities, offering a versatile avenue for discerning buyers. While copper bars present an alternative option, the ubiquity and adaptability of copper rounds truly distinguish them in the market, catering to a wide array of investors. These rounds provide an accessible and affordable investment vehicle, mainly when acquired in bulk, while also presenting a collectible allure through their distinctive and varied designs. 

Round Highlights:

  • Each round is meticulously encased within protective flips or tubes containing 20 rounds, ensuring preservation and ease of handling.
  • Showcases a diverse selection of captivating designs, offering collectors many options to suit their individual preferences.
  • Contains 1 AVDP oz (.9114 Troy oz) of .999 pure copper, reflecting uncompromising quality and purity standards.
  • Obverse and reverse designs vary by mint, contributing to the uniqueness and allure of each round.
  • Please note that purchasing multiple rounds may result in receiving duplicates of the same design.

Every 1 oz Copper Round featured in this product listing is accompanied by a protective flip, meticulously preserving its integrity and enhancing its presentation. For those acquiring multiple rounds, products will be thoughtfully packaged within tubes, accommodating up to 20 rounds.

At your service, we are dedicated to providing access to premium-quality copper rounds that serve as sound investments and cherished collectibles. For further assistance or inquiries, our experienced team is readily available to support you throughout your purchasing journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact MetalStacks at 561-529-3001.